Payee Program

The Financial Representative Payee Program began in 2000 in response to our many encounters with seniors, disabled adults and others who were unable to manage their finances due in many cases to dementia, disability, substance abuse or poor health. The Representative Payee Program is designed to assist those individuals who receive Social Security, Federal or private funds and are in need of help with the management of their monthly finances.

Under the direct supervision of an Accountant and Social Worker/Case Manager, the Conservator Payee Program assists each client with the development of a personal budget, maintenance of financial and medical insurance records and also acts as an advocate and/or representative payee. The first priority of the Program is to ensure that all of the client’s financial needs are met. Remaining assets will be protected as the client continues to develop independence and dignity.


A Representative Payee is an individual or organization that receives Social Security and/or SSI payments or private funds for someone who cannot manage or direct the management of his/her money. Payees use the funds for the current and foreseeable needs of the beneficiary and save any remaining funds for the beneficiary’s future use.


The law requires minor children and legally incompetent adults to have payees. In all other situations, adult beneficiaries are presumed to be capable of managing benefits. If there is evidence to the contrary, however, SSA may appoint a Representative Payee. Additionally, individuals may choose to appoint a Representative Payee on their own.


The Conservator Payee Program encourages regular contact with each client in order that we may become active participants in their lives. As a designated, licensed and bonded Representative Payee, the following services are provided:

  • Upon determination of client needs, a monthly budget is developed and an appropriate payment schedule is implemented
  • Report of any changes or events affecting client’s benefit eligibility
  • Monitor account balances by maintaining detailed records of income and expenses
  • Provide medical benefit information to social service agencies and/or medical facilities as necessary
  • Assist the beneficiary in receiving medical treatment when necessary
  • Report use of funds with detailed accounting to SSA and/or appointed designee and reimburse SSA those benefits to which the client is not entitled
  • Assist clients in location of additional necessary services through community referrals
  • Assist in conservation of funds not necessary for current expenses by implementing interest earning savings programs or purchasing savings bonds for future need or emergencies
  • Act as an advocate when requested or as necessary

For additional information regarding the Representative Payee Program, contact the Program Coordinator, at 661.324.3221, or toll free 877.223.2825.